Self-Realization through Yoga Meditation of the Yoga Sutras, the contemplative insight of Advaita Vedanta, and the intense devotion of Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra

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Yoga Nidra Meditation CD by Swami Jnaneshvara
Yoga Nidra CD
Swami Jnaneshvara



A One-line "Short Course"
in Yoga Meditation:

World > Senses > Body > Breath > Mind > Silence 

 At Meditation Time:

Then (after Mind) is into the Silence
  • Next, after systematically examining and letting go of the world, senses, body, breath, and mind, you gradually come to a place of deep Stillness and Silence.
  • As meditation deepens, either watch into the space for the invisible source of all light, or listen into the space for the silent source of all sound.
  • Gradually, experience the convergence of practices of meditation, contemplation, prayer and mantra. (more on convergence)
  • Allow the inner peace or spiritual truth to come forward, experiencing the heights of Samadhi and Turiya, the fourth state, beyond waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. (more on Samadhi; more on Turiya)
  • At some point, experience the awakening of Kundalini, and its rising to Sahasrara, the crown chakra. (more on Kundalini rising to the crown)
  • Eventually, allow the meditations to converge on that innermost point (Bindu) out of which mind, time, space and causation have emerged. (more on Bindu)
  • When finished with your meditation, bring outward, into your external world and daily life whatever depth of stillness and silence you have touched. Allow that to guide and balance daily life, being ever mindful of the higher realities within.
  • Resolve to often return to that place of Stillness and Silence in meditation.


Preparation, Daily Life, Meditation in Action:

Silence: Yoga meditation deals systematically with all the levels of our being, including a direct effort to go to the silence, while systematically working with our relationship with the world and senses, body, breath, and mind. (See Yoga Sutras, including sutras 3.4-3.6 on Samadhi and Samyama, and 4.18-4.21 on Purusha, or consciousness.)

Everybody can find joy in Stillness and Silence: When one has a stable relationship with the external world, when the senses are turned inward, when the body is healthy and still, when the breath is smooth, calm and serene, and when the mind begins to settle down, there comes a stillness and silence from where one can truly begin to practice meditation. This silence rests on the foundation of balancing, coordinating, and integrating our relationships with the world, as well as with our own senses, body, breath, and mind.

Following your own spiritual inclinations: Yoga meditation as an art and science of self-awareness does not tell a person what God to believe in, nor what religion to follow. All people of all faiths can practice yoga meditation. While yoga science encompasses the breadth of the means of going beyond, the specific choice of where and how to focus one's attention after dealing with the world, senses, body, breath, and mind, are personal matters relating to each aspirant as an individual, in the context of their own spiritual training and preferences or predispositions.




This site is devoted to presenting the ancient Self-Realization path of the Tradition of the Himalayan masters in simple, understandable and beneficial ways, while not compromising quality or depth. The goal of our sadhana or practices is the highest Joy that comes from the Realization in direct experience of the center of consciousness, the Self, the Atman or Purusha, which is one and the same with the Absolute Reality. This Self-Realization comes through Yoga meditation of the Yoga Sutras, the contemplative insight of Advaita Vedanta, and the intense devotion of Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra, the three of which complement one another like fingers on a hand. We employ the classical approaches of Raja, Jnana, Karma, and Bhakti Yoga, as well as Hatha, Kriya, Kundalini, Laya, Mantra, Nada, Siddha, and Tantra Yoga. Meditation, contemplation, mantra and prayer finally converge into a unified force directed towards the final stage, piercing the pearl of wisdom called bindu, leading to the Absolute.